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How to choose the best broadband package

There is a lot of unnecessary jargon surrounding broadband providers that can sometimes make it difficult to know exactly what you will be getting, and therefore making it hard to choose which one to go for.

Virgin Media won four awards in the 2013 uSwitch Broadband Awards, being named Best Broadband Provider, Fastest Home Broadband, Best WiFi Service and Best Broadband Innovation. So what is it that makes Virgin stand out from the crowd when it comes to providing the very best in broadband services?





The Necessity of Load Testing

server-configuration-and-load-testing53% of the American population made online purchases in 2012, with that expected to increase each year there will be more and more demand placed on website performance. A travel website study found that 57% of Internet users will leave a website within three seconds; the average load time for many of the top sites is 10 seconds which is well away from meeting the users’ needs. This can and does cost businesses a lot of money.





Credit cards or debit cards, which are safer?

credit and debit cardsAs we advance further in the technology stakes, cash is starting to look more and more old-fashioned.Yes, we’ll probably always have a need for the odd fiver here and there, but with contactless cards, virtual wallets built into smartphones and online banking, the payment landscape is well and truly in the 21st Century.






How to choose data recovery software for your lost data

Physical Media DamageYou’ve hit delete on those files.  Maybe you’ve even emptied your recycle bin.  Now you realise you really need the spreadsheet or that contract is now a possibility – what next?  Data recovery software has the benefit that you can recover your own data, be it company document, photo files.  It can save money and time as you can use it on-demand.  However, the benefits are applicable in certain types of data loss.