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Casio Exilim Ex-H10 Digital Camera Review
Casio Exilim H10
Features 9 out of 10
Quality 8 out of 10
Value 8 out of 10
Overall 8 out of 10

Casio Exilim Ex-H10 Camera Overview

With the super-zoom packed in such a compact model; this camera is a design marvel. For its size, where most point and shoot cameras offer 3x optical zoom, the EX-H10 packs 10x of optical zoom, straight away marking this as a high end models.

Design and build

With a thickness of just 2.4 cm, the camera easily fits the pocket of a traveling shutterbug. This is among the most compact designs available for a camera loaded with 10x optical zoom lens, which neatly expands and contracts telescopically from its slim body. The camera weighs about 170 grams without a battery, and is very light on the pocket - literally.

A 3 inch (diagonal) LCD screen which serves as a wonderful viewfinder and playback display, occupies most of the back panel. The back side also has menu selection and navigation keys.

The Exilim EX-H10 is available in a spectrum of colors including silver, pink and black.

Casio Exilim H10 Silver Casio Exilim H10 PinkCasio Exilim H10 Black

Lens and sensor

The Exilim EX-H10 is loaded with a 12.1 million pixel CCD sensor that can produce very sharp prints even for sizes as large as A3. The sensor is equipped with an image stabilising feature that negates the effect of minute camera shakes.  The image stabiliser comes very handy while operating in full zoom where even the minutest twitch can ruin a photo.

The lens arrangement of the camera provides an impressive 10x optical zoom. On the wide angle side, the lens manages as wide as 24mm range, which helps greatly in taking panoramic shots of large sceneries.

Great battery life

One of the scoring features of the Casio EX-H10 is the prolonged battery life that keeps running for around 1000 shots without needing a recharge. Assuming an average of 140 photographs a day; the camera can serve you for almost an entire week on a single full charge. This feature comes very handy for travelers on a long journey.

Special shooting modes

  • Mist removal mode: The camera has an inbuilt algorithm that reduces light dispersion and glare caused by mist. What you get is clear sceneries without the mist spoiling the color composition of the image.
  • Make-up mode: Using this mode for portraits enhances the skin tone of your subject, and suppresses skin blemishes and wrinkles in the image.
  • Night mode sans tripod: The camera manages a slow shutter speed which is as slow as 4 seconds. The image stabilising feature of the sensor allows you to shoot clear pictures in low light without requiring a tripod for steady hold.
  • Back-lit subject: The camera compensates well for any back-lit effects. You will not find the subject turning into a silhouette unless you really want it.

Video recording

The EX-H10 allows you to record video clips in HD mode with a limitation of 10 minutes per clip. There are other modes available too such as the standard mode, and a special YouTube mode that optimises video in terms of size and quality for upload to your own YouTube channel.


The Casio Exilim EX-H10 is a great companion for travelers who wish to keep their cameras in the pocket all the time so that they can easily capture the memorable experiences of their trip. Much to the traveler s delight the camera is gifted with a longer battery life and an enviable zoom which is not available with other cameras of comparable size. The 12 mega pixel sensor performs very well with immunity to excitement filled camera shakes.


  • 10x optical zoom with image stabilizer
  • Long battery life equivalent to over 1000 shots
  • 24 mm wide angle


  • Video recording limited to 10 minutes
  • Large battery size

Technical Specifications

Zoom 10x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
Image sensor 12.1 mega pixel effective, 1/ 2.3" CCD sensor with sensor shift image stabilization
Maximum resolution 4000 x 3000 pixels
Shutter speeds 4 seconds to 1/2000th second
LCD display 3" with 230k pixels
Memory 35.7MB internal

SD/ SDHC slot for external memory
Battery 1950mAh Li-ion Battery
AV output PAL and NTSC
164gm without battery, 190gm with battery and memory card
102.5mm (W) x 62mm (H) x 24.3 mm (D)

Casio Exilim Ex-H10 pictures

Casio Exilim H10 black  Casio Exilim H10 back view Casio Exilim H10 side vire Casio Exilim H10 Casio Exilim H10 thumbnail Casio Exilim H10 silver

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jvc charger
November 30, 2010
Votes: -4

Good, very good! ! ! Thank you to let me see these articles and pictures, it's cool, I'm very excited, which to me is incredibly, I finally found the soul mate and your works not only real, and vivid! I love to see you as soon as possible, hope you update of work!!

Josh Kerr
January 20, 2011
Votes: -2

I got Casio's Exilim H20G and it perfectly fit for casual shooter like me! It works like SLR camera since the results are very sharp. Though this camera offers a great array of features I have a bit of a problem shooting outdoors. I can't get the exact vividness of some pictures. Anyways, I consider this camera one of my best buys last year. I was able to get this from a good student savings deal online! Thank you for sharing this article.

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